MJ sweatcoat

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  1. What do you think about the Runway Jolie Sweater? (Attached)

    Do you think it could end up looking frumpy? Is it too wide? Too long? My style is usually clean and I guess classic (as opposed to trendy). I'm about 5'7. I'm looking for something comfortable, warm, and easy to wear around a college campus. Finally, do you think I can wear this over a winter coat?

    Sorry for the gazillion questions & THANKS!!

    And while I'm at it, if you can suggest any functional/classic sweatercoats under about 150, I would appreciate it a lot! Thanks!
  2. to be honest, I think it looks very unattractive... I think more of a classic sweatercoat, like RL, for example, looks much better.
  3. YUCK!! lol

    but that looks like it would really keep you warm. I think that would be perfect to wear on a college campus, especially if your going from building to building. Is that cotton? cashmere?

    if your going to wear it as a overcoat, I would probably suggest going heavy on layers. where is your school anyway? northeast? westside?
  4. It seems overly big and drab. I think something a little more form fitting would be more flattering. I don't think this would fit over an winter coat.
  5. I really don't like this coat, the sweatshirt material looks out of place & what is up with those buttons????:wtf:
    Take a look in Gap or Banana Republic, I think you can do better.
  6. Honestly.. I do think it looks frumpy. It's a bit too big/wide.. and the colour isn't exactly a flattering shade. As someone else suggested, you might wanna look into the Gap or BR, even American Eagle has some cute ones!
  7. I think the proportions are off. It seems bulky and shapeless, but I think the intent was to make it fitted through the bodice and then flare out. It's okay, but I think you can find something else.

    I have had a black sweater coat for years that I bought on a whim and I have worn it about a million times, so I think you would definitely get good usage from one.

    I haven't shopped for one in a long time, but I did notice some cute ones at www.garnethill.com

    I can't remember the prices, but this place isn't too over the top. The only down side in shopping with them is that they never offer free shipping.
  8. The shape adds about 40 pounds to the model (who I'm sure weighs about 90), especially in the midsection. I think it's because it's both boxy (double breasted) and long. I love sweatercoats but fitted ones (that you can wear open or belted) are more flattering and versatile.
  9. I actually like it. :whistle:

    I got a similar sweater coat at H&M ... it's belted so maybe this would work better. It was pretty cheap too ($40-50).
  10. i dont like it all..not very flattering