MJ swagger

  1. Hi,
    Please help!
    I am looking for the swagger tote in the ivory quilted with black trim. Has anyone seen it anywhere?
    Someone is selling it on eBay and her reserve is $999.00. I'm wondering if I could find it cheaper...?
  2. Those bags already went on sale for around $700 or $800 back in December. If you aren't willing to pay full price your best bet is going to be eBay. If you are willing to pay full price call a MJ Boutique.
  3. Just an update on this if anyone cares...
    I called around everywhere, and no one had this bag in this color. The MJ boutiques were sold out of it.
    I snagged the one on eBay, and I am so excited! I think this is such a gorgeous bag; I will post pics when I receive it!:heart:
  4. Congratulations! Don't forget to posts pics when it arrives!