MJ Studded Mouse Flats

  1. I posted in the Saks thread about these and I got them in a 37 the first time in gray (which I still really want) and after returning those and hunting these down they are finally here! They are in the blush though! I actually think even the 36 is about 1/2 size big... I could go with a 35.5 and think I'd be better off except now they are sold out everywhere in that size BOOO

    BUT here they are!!! Not gray like I had my heart set on but these are still cute as can be in the blush!

  2. Cute, I think we're shoe size twins! I wear a size 6!
  3. They are so cute IRL!! We are then!! Although I should have got a 35.5 in these! If you get them go down in size! :smile:
  4. Shoe sister! I bought them in grey!

    Try looking on DSW.com or at your local store if you have one near you -- that's where I got mine. :smile:
  5. Ughhh lucky!!! I want the gray ones so bad!! I had them in a 37 and they just swallowed me, so back to Saks they went then it took make forever to hunt down the blush color! I'm still wanting the gray!!! I'm gonna have to have them too!! Talk about no self control... :-/ I'll have to hunt there thank you!
  6. I've always liked these, so cute!
  7. Well hells bells!!! Couldn't that have happened before I got my others!!! They don't do returns on sales items and now I put myself on a ban... :'-(
  8. Did you try calling a MbyMJ store? Their Resort and S/S shoes are all 40% off right now. You might get lucky and even find a pair when they do second markdown (70% off)
  9. I haven't tried calling no, I might though for the gray ones!
  10. Pink looks great on you, dont be sorry about grey ones!
    I am 100% sure they will be re stocked again soon, just like black ones with golden spikes. :smile:
  11. oh so sweet. i'd love a pair in this colour, mine's black so we're cousins.
  12. Ohhhh I wanna see pics of those!!
  13. They are cuter IRL