mj striping zip bowler bag!

  1. thanks to the awesome ladies in the sale sightings thread, i was able to buy the striping bowler on sale! i have been obsessing over this bag ever since i saw carmen electra and hilary duff sporting it in paparazzi pics.

    i got it through eluxury, and it was the last one available. i saw it on the site for full price about two weeks ago. i'm afraid that it was a return, and it'll be damaged or there will be imperfections. i'm hoping that won't be the case. right now, i'm just glad that it's on its way.:yahoo:

    however, i currently have the regular hudson bag in the same color (chestnut). i was debating whether i should sell it on eBay. what do you guys think? which do you like more: the hudson or the striping bowler? i posted pics for reference.
    striping bowler.jpg marc jacobs hudson in chestnut.jpg
  2. i like the hudson better. and they are so similar, i say sell the other one.
  3. i like the zip bowler better. the hudson is just so big and heavy! i know my arms would be complaining if i were to carry that for a long time. it is a good arm workout though! i have the previous zip bowler style and i absolutely love it. it also depends on what size of bag you need more.
  4. the zip bowler is much bigger. If you feel that you like the size compared to the hudson, then sell the hudson on eBay.

    I like the bowler a lot, it fits on the shoulder well and is smooshier than the hudson.... hudson is nice too, but it doesn't fit on my shoulder at all.
  5. I've liked the striping bowler ever since I saw it on Hilary & Haylie Duff as well. I think the bowler looks better in the chestnut color than the Hudson does. Keep the bowler!
  6. I agree with Cheryl! Hudson comes in so many other colors that if you ever wanted another one you could change it up. Plus, you could probably get a good resale on eBay right now! Congrats on your new bag!
  7. i appreciate everyone's input. i think i'm going to keep the zip bowler. i remember receiving the hudson and being disappointed that it wasn't bigger. i love the compartments, but i prefer bigger bags. i have a lot of things to schlep to work.

    luvpurses, you're right. the bowler does the chestnut color more justice compared to the hudson. i actually wanted the hudson in chili, but it was sold out by the time i decided to buy it.

    according to eluxury, the bag has already shipped today and i should receive it by tuesday. i'll post pictures once it arrives.
  8. Yeah! congrats on the new bag! The chestnut is gorgeous...if you're planning on selling your hudson, i'm sure i'll be searching for it on ebay!
  9. I love the bowler , I think it's gorgeous. Definately keep that one!!!
  10. I agree, the bowler looks better in chestnut and I prefer its shape.
  11. I like the bowler better. Congrats!