MJ Stella wanted!

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a Stella in black or camel for sell?
  2. have you tried ebay?
  3. The only Stellas for sale retail right now are white (NM and BG both have the white reissue on their websites). I don't know if the Stella style will be done again this fall, but it is a "classic" and there may be more, probably in a classic color (like black).

    Ebay is a good idea, BUT the Stella is a WIDELY FAKED BAG. Please, please check with some friends here on the boards before bidding on anything, I don't want you to pay $$$$ for a fake.

    If you post an auction that looks good, I will be glad to have a look. I own 4 (!) Stellas, one in the original brass buckle style, two "new Stellas" with the pushlocks, and a white "reissue" with brass buckles.

    Good luck!
  4. fake.
  5. Definitely a fake, sorry.
  6. That's too bad if it is sold, that is the exact "new Stella" that I have in black, and a wonderful bag.
  7. Here is an auction for an authentic "Stella reissue", in the pale yellow/butter color that was exclusive, I believe to Saks.

    I would expect the reserve to be over $700, at the very least. It looks beautiful.


    That's the only authentic bag I found doing a very quick scan on ebay. I will see if I can find any more.

    Looked again, I think that is the only authentic current auction. For those doubting the prevalence of fakes, my search returned 33 auctions, all but one are fake. Let's see, 32/33 = 0.97, or about 97% fake.

    Look's like my "99% fake" assertion wasn't too far off.
  8. How can you tell it is a fake handbag?
  9. Thanks for the help you all are wonderful! I am new to the purse forum and I am so excited to meet new handbag fetish friends!
  10. For the particular auction that you listed, there are many giveaways:

    (1) Attachment of Marc Jacobs tags are incorrect - there will be a plastic attachment piece (that cannot be reattached and attached) on the thread linking the tag the handbag.

    (2) The price is ridiculously low for a bag that retails at over $1000.

    (3) The shape of the zip pocket above the pushlock pockets is wrong. Compare with this bag, which is authentic:

    [imagine from Neiman Marcus online]

    There are other things. If you could compare the font on the hardware carefully with an authentic bag, you could see differences, as well.
  11. Wow! You really know your MJ handbags. Thanks that helps me from making a purchase mistake.