MJ stella bag

  1. Hi all, I came to know about this bag when I first saw Mischa with it in the O.C. Just wondering if there are different leathers for this style? I came across some that r pretty thick and some which are really soft and they were all claim to be authentic. Is there anything that I can look out for to ensure authenticity? Do you all think it's worth the buy or has it gone out of style?
  2. ooh yes and I noticed that there are foot studs at the bottom of the bag of Mischa's. Is it like a compulsory thing to look out for in authentic stella bag?
  3. As far as I know there aren't any feet at the bottom of the Stella. It should be feetless and have a seam in the middle of the bottom.

    I don't think the leathers vary very much in the Stellas, they were all made before 05 so it should be the soft supple calf leather. Some will have suede interiors, others will have canvas.

    Another thing to look out for: check the areas around where the strap attach to the bag, as the leather in this area can become pulled from frequent overweight use.

    If you have a bag that you like, post in the auth thread and the girls there will help you.