MJ Star Collection

  1. Does anyone know anything or own anything from this line. I got a wallet as a gift, and I'm thinking of selling it, but I'd like to get some background information on it. I really don't even know if its Marc by MJ or Marc Jacobs. It has two stars attached, one with MJ and one with SC. On the inside it says Marc Jacobs across the bottom right side, I couldn't get a great picture of it, but here are some pictures:
    Picture 184.jpg Picture 185.jpg Picture 186.jpg Picture 183.jpg Picture 187.jpg Picture 188.jpg
  2. that's adorable!! :biggrin: ive never seen or heard of this line but i'm pretty sure is marc by marc because it seems too whimsical to be part of the marc line. :smile:
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I just thought it was weird that it had Marc Jacobs written across the inside instead of just marc? I don't know.. that's why I'm asking :smile:
  4. marc by marc has 'marc jacobs' on the inside but the word marc is just in a different color from the word jacobs.. does that make sense? haha sorry!
  5. yeah it does, but the marc and jacobs are the same, so now i'm confused! thanks for the help heartfelt!
  6. i used to have a messenger by this line a couple of years ago. all i know about it is it was a line that both mj and sofia coppola (sc) designed together. very cute wallet, btw.
  7. thanks mahbag! I just assumed that sc was for star collection:shame:
  8. marc jacobs and sofia coppola designed the collection for MARC by marc jacobs together

    it's from a few yrs ago
  9. does anyone know what would be a reasonable price to sell this for?
  10. is it new? if so, $80 and less
    used? $50ish