MJ Stams (Tipped v. not)

  1. :confused1: O.K., Ladies/Gents: Could someone out there please describe for me how the Tipped MJ Stam differs from the MJ Stam (non-tipped?)? And what does "Tipped" mean?
    Apologies if this is a completely simplistic question, but I encountered my first advertised "Tipped" Stam today, and was clueless as to what that meant. Thanks for your help! :heart:
  2. I moved this thread to the correct forum area for u....Should u need any more help or have any questions on where to post..Please feel free to PM me!
  3. I'm wondering the same thing??? Saw one on eBay today, and to me, it looks like a good old fashioned quilted stam? :shrugs: