MJ Stam

  1. Does anyone know what color the interior of a black stam is supposed to be. I just bought one and it has a purple suede lining and the interior pocket is lined with red canvas. Is that correct or is this a fake??
  2. Only the FW 05 stams had burgundy suede and red canvas pockets. If you got it off of ebay, it is HIGHLY likely that you got a FAKE because all the fakes copied the FW 05 lining.
  3. Thanks for the info. I picked it up in a consignment shop with a couple other bags. I wasn't familiar with this style MJ so I was just curious if it is real. It's gorgeous and has all the appropriate MJ marking, just thought the red canvas was strange.
  4. Misha, please post pics so we can all indulge in your new purchase!