MJ Stam

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  1. I need help for shoose me bag. which one that u think better. Coz i never have mj bag before. plese help.

    thanks for all comment.

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  2. i prefer the classic quilted stam. i have never been a fan of the patchwork style. the pattern looks...awkward, but if you're leaning towards the patchwork, i would choose either the black or bronze. however, i heard that the color of the metallic bag wears off.
  3. I totally agree with tadpolenyc. I prefer the classic quilted stam!
  4. if you like the patchwork one, i would suggest the metallic one.

    the patchwork already looks very modern and edgy and so i think it goes with the metallic color.

    i dont think the patchwork looks good in black or white.

    my two cents...
  5. I'm with all the other ladies. the patchwork stam looks best in metallic (i have it in bronze!) and the classic stam is best in the plain colors.

    I think with the classic quilting, the metallic can look really "loud" persay, the patchwork quilts is more spaced and seems to go best with the metallics
  6. Thanks a lot for ur all comment. I will take a picture and show here when i get new bag. thanks again
  7. I would get the classic stam as well. If you go with patchwork, I'd suggest NOT getting the metallic since it seems to be only a temporary trend. Good luck!
  8. yeah thats kinda true too.....about the metallic being a trend...oh i dunno anymore! black is always good