MJ Stam which color u will choos?


Which color you will pick?

  1. Black

  2. Putty ( more like a pinky ivory color)

  3. Ivory

  4. Taupe ( from last season)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am picking between Black, Putty , Ivory or Taupe stam..
  2. I would definitely pick the Putty first. It as absolutely gorgeous, followed by Taupe, Ivory then Black. Normally, I am a huge black bag fan but I haven't liked it much in the Stam style.

    Good luck and show us your beautiful bag when you get it!
  3. I am thinking about Taupe cos currently that's one available on ebay.. I LOVE THAT COLOR! it shows more detail than a black color.. and i have too many white bag on the other hand ( Le fab and paddy). Might be taupe is a good choice!
  4. I have both the Putty and the Black. Putty in real life doesn't really have any pink tone. It's very neutral beigish-grey color. It literally goes with any color you wear. I love them both, but for spring/summer Putty will be great! But then again, I love the black as well. If you care about the interior, I love going through the putty one, b/c the blue suede lining is lovely :love:
  5. I'm picking taupe!!! Lovely colour! Then putty. That's it. I personally am not too interested by the black nor ivory Stam. I like the petrol blue the best but that's not one of your poll options;)
  6. Putty or taupe :biggrin:
  7. I love the petrol color too but it is so rare! I dont even see a authentic petrol on ebay anymore...

    I am still deciding on putty, black or taupe~ for the taupe I believe the seller will sell at over retail.. and i am still deciding should I pay over retail for this bag...

    For the Putty, they still available on NAP .. with the VAT return.. it is around 650 pounds included shipping to Hong Kong ( no import tax) and I dont have to wait anymore.

    For Black, I am on the NAp waitlist, I hope they will be available soon.
  8. Violet
  9. Putty or Ivory.
  10. definitely the putty
  11. Have you considered the patent cola? It sounds terrible, but I just saw one in HN, and nearly walked out of the store with it! Its a lovely colour - similar to the taupe, just shinier.
  12. Taupe or black are the two most versatile colors IMO. Taupe is very much like a chocolaty brown (but cool brown) and the black with the gold chain is very nice!

    If you want it strictly for a summer bag, I'd go with putty.
  13. I voted for last fall's taupe, which I have, but I also have last fall's black. I love both, but I may love the taupe a tiny bit more!
  14. if i was to get a MJ Stam, i would go for the blue colour, i think its a great colour for a fun looking bag!
  15. OMG.. the taupe on ebay already sold by BIN :sad: