MJ Stam vs. Fendi B Bag

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  1. Hi All,

    Ok, I think I've blabbed tons about being on the waiting list for the smaller sized tan leather/black patent Fendi B bag at my local NM.

    Anyways, I've been looking at the Stam, hearing about the Stam and it REALLY grew on me. :love: So I called around and there was ONE left in the icy leather taupe at a Nordstrom out in NJ.... So I bit the bullet and ordered it. BUT it's not on sale although it's the last bag left in the company... So there goes $1200. :blink:

    What do you guys think? Did I do the right thing? I have yet to see a B Bag in person, but those buckles are starting to not look as cute to me... My mom pointed out that they're sorta similar to having pockets on a MJ, but they're just buckles... And I think the size that I want is $1850--so I technically will "save" $650 by going with the Stam. :lol:

    Plus I was drawn to the Stam b/c of the "option" of the shoulder strap. I was wondering--does that strap come off? It looks like it unhooks in some photos... Ok, any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a classic purse and not something trendy so any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Funny - but this Stam has grown on me too. I'm glad you found one! I have the SA at NM looking for me too! I'm having second thoughts on my cognac spy (I pre-ordered the Black from Saks - with the discount). I think it would be much better suited for me.

    If I can't get this Stam, I think I may get the quilted Venetia. I don't know. I want a more classic bag for work.

    Post pictures when you get them. I think this is a better choice than the B. Bag - although I'd have to see in person.
  3. I saw my first stam today. Yes, the chain does come off - the one in Harvey Nichols didn't have one on, but it did have the fixtures for one. Its huge (from my POV that's a good thing), and looks very nice indeed. I'm not big on the b-bag, esp. in patent leather. Everytime I see it I get the feeling that as a small child I had something similar.
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: ....I am wavering on the B-bag...I like the design of the Stam bag so much more though.
  5. Addicted--you and I seem to have very similar taste! Hopefully we'll never bump into each other in SD and fight over a purse!!! :P

    I heard that there's one black Stam available in a Nordstrom in CA... But I don't know if it's "regular" leather or the "icy leather"... You could call Fashion Valley and have them hunt it down.... You could get it transferred in too--unless you're partial to NM. I like the quilted Venetia too.

    What about the quilted Blake in black or cream? I already have a Blake--but I REALLY like how it looks in those two colors with the gold hardware. The Blake is great for work and for fun. I love being able to stuff small purchases into the middle compartment. And another plus is that it works on the shoulder. I don't know if the Venetia does...

    I don't know how to do the whole pics thing, but I'll figure it out or email them to Vlad to resize them for me and post them. My ball bag is supposed to arrive tomorrow--I can't wait!!!
  6. I love the MJ stam. I think that it's going to be a classic collectible.
    I love the quilted Blake in cream, I saw a lady carrying it and I thought it was so gorgeous... Post pics of you ball bag...
  7. Wickedassin - I didn't realize the blake came quilted? I like my SA at NM - and somehow I think they can find bags easier. But I'll call Nordstrom too. Which leather did you get? Seems like "icy" doesn't suit me, but I'd have to see it in person. I'm going to call soon (after my meeting!) ;)
  8. I have a hunch you will love the Stam, the nice thing is, if you don't you can simply return it and go for the Fendi. I think you did the right thing because now you can check out Stam risk-free. Great job!
  9. WA...what color did you get?

    Plus, you can always get the Fendi later on if you still want it.

    Duh, sorry...just read....taupe. I have the taupe in icy leather and it's gorgeous. It's a very unique bag. I get stares when I go out. People don't know what to think! hehehe...I love that!
  10. Yup the Blake comes in quilted. I don't know how to post pics, but here are the links:



    I think these are both the "regular/matte" leather and NOT the icy. If you call Nordstrom, ask for Joseph. He's really nice and should be able to help you track down the Stam... I know he's working this afternoon.

    I ended up getting the Stam in the Icy Taupe leather--I don't have a "neutral" purse like that, so I'm hoping to like it... I like patent leather, so I think this might be a good option for me... Have you been on www.marcjacobs.com and seen the Spring line? There are some REALLY yummy colors in their "shiny leather" which I think is basically patent... You'll have to tell me what you decide or are contemplating!
  11. I got it in the Icy Taupe.
  12. I still like the B. Fendi bags better than the Stam but I'm not really sold on either.
  13. Ooooh, if I called Joseph I'd feel like I was cheating on Mary Elizabeth. She's not in by the way, so I'll call tomorrow. I love the color of the taupe, I saw a little pochette bag in that color. So...I'm looking for the Stam - but the Blake is awesome. I went and saw the white (smooth leather) at Nordstrom's just now (at UTC) and I like the shape, style and the pockets (but can't do white - not practical for me). Didn't like the black with the silver hardware and white stitching. I had them transfer a black Venetia. I like it but seems a little big (which I don't mind). Hmm decisions! I'll have to see in person.

    And...I saw a Mulberry Roxanne (my same one in black) with a softer leather. So, I'll exchange that one out tomorrow. Still debating if I should keep it, but it's a great casual bag with nice pockets in front. I like that!

    I'm going NUTS!
  14. Neiman's in Newport Beach has the black Blake (non-quilted) with the gold hardware. Apparently that's how the new ones are coming in.

    I've looked at a Venetia, but I don't like that buckle that you have to unfasten to open the bag.
  15. The Stam is a nice look, but if I had to choose between the Blake and the Stam and you're looking for a classic work purse--I'd probably go with the Blake. I love that I can put papers, my agenda, etc. in the middle portion of the Blake and still have room to hold it in my hand comfortably.

    Right now you've got a black Mulberry Roxanne, a Cognac Spy (which is technically defective and may be returned or exchange), and a Black Spy on pre-order with Saks... Is there anything else that's up-in-the-air?

    This is my 2 cents--feel free to disagree....

    I think the Blake sorta fulfills the look of a Roxanne--unless you want a significantly more "casual" purse.... And you could use the Blake for work... Or keep the Roxanne and pass on the Blake.

    Personally, I'd prefer the Stam over the Spys and it's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper... I've heard that the Stam is coming in other colors for Spring--in the regular leather. I call the MJ store in SF and they told me that they've been told that it will also be made in the "shiny quilted leather" but they don't know the colors yet. Apparently the bag was so popular that they added it on to the Spring line after the fact.... The Spy and the Stam both sorta have that "coin purse" look in my opinion. I just like that the Stam can be used on the shoulder if you were to actually use that strap.

    Hope that helps and doesn't confused you too much :biggrin: Oh and Mary Elizabeth is a manager--so if you "cheat" with Joseph I don't think she'd be too upset. Especially if it was to track down a purse on the day she was off...