MJ Stam - too trendy?

  1. I absolutely adore the MJ Stam bag, but am timid to buy - wondering if this will be a 'too trendy' mistake. Will this be left in my closet by next year? :shrugs:
  2. Personally, I think this bag could be a classic. I don't have one b/c I don't think it looks right on me but I love it on some people. If you like it, get it :yes:
  3. i agree.... this bag has a classic look in it IMO.
    i dont have one because it is too heavy for me. but it sure looks pretty.....
    you should get it
  4. It's definitely a classic with staying power. The chain may make it look trendy, but if you take the chain off once you're over that, it will look timeless. Quilting generally looks timeless.
  5. Good point elongreach :yes: Quilting, personally, I think b/c of Chanel, looks timeless. And the fact that the MJ Stam is a higher end bag will make it more of a classic as the masses don't have it. I think its just a classic shape and, another personal opin., this is one of MJ's bags that will stand the test of time.
  6. Hmmm, I disagree. I may be biased since I don't like the Stam at all, but I think it will look quite dated once the trend passes. It's a bit too blingy, and it doesn't have a Chanel look at all IMHO. If you're looking with a trendy bag with staying power, I think the Muse or the Balenciaga will fit the bill better at a similar price.
  7. :lol: I didn't like the Stam at first either tweetie but it grew on me. Not saying that it will grow on you but thats just what happened to me. :smile: I do agree that the Muse has staying power.
  8. I do not believe that balenciaga has anymore staying power than the stam. I own bbags and that is not my go to bag for work. I didn't say it looked like a Chanel. I said it will look timeless without the chain. Which it will. It will look like any other bag without logo-ing. I think quilting is something that will allow you to get away with a bag longer. This includes any quilted bag. They just don't show their age.
  9. I think this bag is trendy but it's not any trendy bag, it's a bag that defines fashion's current mood.... If you get the black one, it will look more dated than a lighter one because the spring collections are all about milky pastels (and some brighter colors, but not black).
  10. i think the stam is very classic. it's kinda reminded me of bags in the old years. i think they'll be around for some times.
    but if you still love this bag, there's no one can prevent you from using it again.
    as for balenciaga, i think it's also a classic. the shapes or the hardware and anything is not too trendy, the tassels made it look so "in" and "now".
  11. When the stam first came out, I fell in love with it, but also was afraid it might be "over" too soon. I have since changed my mind -- I do believe it is a classic, for the same reasons elongreach said.
    I don't think Balenciaga is a classic in the sense that the OP asked -- I don't think it will be in style in several years. And I do like and own them, I just don't count on them to be around forever.
  12. ^ Interesting viewpoints!
    No, I've hated the Stam since it first came out, and disliked it even more when I tried it on in the store... so I may be biased like I said.

    It's interesting that many of you think that the Stam has better staying power than the Balenciaga. I truly think the classic black First of City has staying power, since to me, it's the "iconic" Bal bag. I think it may lose some popularity as celebs move onto other designs, but the moto bag represents the house of Bal to me, whereas MJ has so many designs every season that I don't really associate anything of his to be classic.
  13. MJ Stam is trendy,but it has some staying power.
  14. I'm amazed that celebs are STILL wearing their b-bags ... after all this time. I don't see too many other bags with that kind of staying power...
  15. The Stam is a riff on the classic frame bag shape - as well as quilted leather - so insofar as it already looks vintage, I think it could crossover into 'classic'.