MJ Stam too heavy?

  1. To MJ Stam owners: Do you think that this bag is too heavy to carry around on a daily basis? I love the look of the bag, but my initial impression when I picked it up at the store was that the bag was very heavy. I know that MJ bags tend towards the heavy side, but what do you think? I know that the chain definitely adds weight, but I think that it gives the bag it's distinctive edge.
  2. IMO stam is much more manageable than the paddy. Since it has this removable chain, u can carry it on shoulder when occasion arises. Besides, stam is much bigger than paddy so i can fit more stuff in.
    To me it is definitely good for daily use.
  3. I can't lie... it IS heavy but I do carry mine without the chain most of the time. That's the beauty of it, you can take the chain or leave it. =) Okay, it's still a bit heavy even without the chain but it's a small price to pay, I say. =D
  4. Yeah, it's heavy compared to some bags. =)

    I was talking to my girlfriend who recently bought one about its weigh, she uses it & Paddy on regular basis. Her exact words: "It's not heavy at all"! I guess heaviness's a relative term. =) This friend of mine carries tons of stuffs with her (even in her light bags) so her bag's always so...so heavy to me (don't know how she manages to do), I just laughed and said "You must be so used to it!"

    Have you tried holding it with the the chains removed? Like Daisy said, you can do that for daily wear. =)
  5. i think a majority of MJ bags are heavy in general. maybe that's just me. but the stam bag is adorable and i would carry it even if it's heavy. like someone else said, it's a small price to pay.
    to me, the paddy is much heavier.
  6. It may be heavy, but I look at it as though it's a good workout for the arms ;) .
  7. I think the bag is heavier than the paddy. I have both and I had no issues with the paddy but the Stam I can only carry once in a while and I have to take the chain out to lessen the weight.