MJ Stam questions?

  1. I loved this bag when it first came out but I'm really short (4'11") and wonder if it won't be too big for me? What do you guys think? Also is there anywhere to get an authentic one? I'd have to use ebay or the PF because I don't have a CC to use at any of the stores. Is it possible at all to find one?

    I saw the smaller size but only thing I don't like is it doesn't have the option of handles vs. chain shoulder strap :sad2: It's much smaller right?

    Thanks for your help.:idea:
  2. I spoke with an MJ SA at the store in NYC and they received a shipment of black stams today. If you want one you better call ASAP they'd already sold 3/4 of their stock.
  3. It depends on whether or not you like big bags? It is a big bag. So you should probably try it on or order from somewhere that has a return policy just in case.

    The smaller one isn't a mirror image of the larger one. It doesnt have the handles, just the chain. And I haven't seen them in all the cute colors on ebay. You might need to call an MJ boutique for that.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks everyone! I love the style of the fullsize but think the small version may be better since I'm really petite. I'll have to do some more research on the fashionspot thread.