MJ Stam Question

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  1. Tonight I was talking to a salesperson at Nordy's. She told me that people used to bring Stams back complaining about the closure--I was wondering how "common" this problem is....

    Apparently people complained that when they would use the shoulder chain/strap on the Stam, it'd have a tendency to pop open. It seems to be due to the fact that the "attachments" for the chain are on the same side of the purse, instead of one on either side of the purse. Since the purse is "weighted" on one side, instead of balanced, the kiss-lock gets "pulled" open.

    Just curious if anyone else has had this problem.... Thanks!
  2. I do know that 100's (no exaggeration) of fake Stam bags have been sold on Ebay with a fake Nordstrom sticker tag. I wonder how many of these 'defective' bags were actually counterfeits bought for around $300. Just a thought :worried:
  3. It's too bad that Nordstrom changed their shanks. The shanks used to be printed out and were harded to duplicate or steal since the stickers were printed at the time of purse.

    But now with those preprinted stickers that all they do is scan, I can see people stealing them and slapping them on to fakes. Until the stickers scanned, no one's wiser.

    I'm curious to see if I'll have problems with the purse I ordered with them.... Hopefully it's not a fake that someone returned!!!
  4. Well, I have to confess, I just bought another stam! The SA from MJ LV called and said they have cola, black, and the new patent ivory. (am I losing it or what, but I love this bag).:love: :love: I should have it Friday!

    For ss/06 they put the chain hooks on opposite sides to help with it coming open, along with this little thing on the kiss lock. Although the kiss lock thing is not on the resort 06.

    Also, on the new stam i'm getting, the patent ivory, the interior is canvas, to lighten the bag (for summer).
  5. Congratulations! Sounds lovely...
  6. Greenie,

    Just curious--was your ss/06 Stam still $1200? I'd LOVE the Stam in the new patent green, but the SF store didn't know if it was coming in that color... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Did Vegas say anything about what other patent Stams are coming out? Thanks!
  7. The price was still $1200. She didn't mention green, but give them a call. I think ivory was the only color they had in patent, but I'm not too sure. She was kind of rushing me to make a decision because they had a huge list to call.

    Thet def. had black and cola (dark brown), and patent ivory.
  8. Hi - I just called and got the black (calfskin leather). The cola is a patent color. They didn't have any other colors, and didn't know if they were going to get any or if they were even making them in other colors.

    I should have mine Saturday!
  9. I just got the black from Vegas as well. The SA asked if I was on a Purse Forum because they are being inundated with calls and everyone seems to know the Stams arrived. How funny is that!

    Thanks, Greenie, for posting the news about the Vegas shipment. I was supposed to get a black from Boston MJ, but I'm too obsessed and impatient to wait for their shipment to arrive...
  10. Valerieb - did you talk to Anthony? He asked me how I knew, and I told him I was on a purse forum...ha ha!
  11. Addicted and Valerieb...The black looks so chic with the shiny hardware. You will love it!

    Hahaha...I can relate to the impatience!
  12. The SA at MJ told me that the hardware is a little more champagne in color and looks really good.

    I am impatient too - I'm on the waiting list in SF. I couldn't wait any longer!
  13. Yep--I talked to Anthony! I was also on the waiting list at SF, but they said I was too far down to get a black, hence I bought the putty which I since sold (though I loved it) since I could only afford one. Sold the putty after confirming I could get the black through MJ Boston. Now I go and buy from Las Vegas. And to prove how insane I am, I'm also on wait lists for the black stam at Neimans SF, Nordstrom SF, Nordstrom South Coast, and eLuxury. After so much effort I better love, love, love this bag!
  14. SF Marc Jacobs received their Stams today...
  15. LOL...that sounds like me. I've got all these boutiques calling me!

    I wasn't going to get another stam until they called me yesterday...I couldn't resist when she started talking about the ivory and how pearly and pretty it was!

    <---- no self control at all! :shame: