MJ Stam plum

  1. on the top section of tpf is a thread about purple bags and after scrolling down seeing some gorgeous possibilities, someone posted a giant pic of MARC JACOBS STAM IN PLUM .....i am blown away it is amazing...
    even though i only have ONE MJ and many mbmj ...i really would LOVE to find one of these...stam never attracted me til i saw this pic
    ANYONE know where a sale might be or is it an old item? new? give me the 411 maybe i can save for it!

    here is the thread
  2. are you talking about devinesgirl's "the kid" in plum?
    the stam also came in a plum mina (no handles), and also the regular size stam too (i think). these bags are from 2007 (fall or resort?) and have been marked down at retail stores to approx $499-$699...some lucky girls have picked these up at absolute steals lately! it's a hard to find bag now that it's been on sale. I'd check the MJ sales thread as well as the MJ eBay finds for any leads. you can also call the MJ stores themselves to see if they have anything left..but it will definitely be at reg retail. good luck!

    here's a mina on eBay


  3. I just got a plum elastic Stam at half off from www.luisaviaroma.com

    Looks like they are still available if you are willing to chance an extra customs bill (they ship from Italy)...
  4. ^Do u happen to have a link? I dont see it?
  5. ME TOO i tried that site but can't find it!