MJ Stam or Hudson


If you could only choose one, which would it be?

  1. MJ Hudson

  2. MJ Stam

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  1. If you could only choose one, which would it be and why?

    I have a feeling neither will ever go on sale and they're both so classic, so I'm trying to decide which one I like better. I'm on the fence and need your help.
  2. I voted for the Hudson. No reason other than I love it and I don't have any reaction to the Stam...

    The Hudson is even more gorgeous IRL than pictures!
  3. i love the look of the stam! :love:
  4. I voted for the stam, because that vintage-y kisslock is just lovely. What can I say, I have 2 of them!
  5. The stam
  6. I kind of prefer the look of the hudson. In person, the stam felt too large to me. I love the hudson in the chili color! It also seems more practical with the compartments.
  7. Hudson
  8. I love the looks of the Stam but it seems so impractical to me, with the kisslock and the chain. The Hudson looks like it would be more useful as an everyday bag and it is nice to look at. I guess you really have to decide based on how you plan to use the bag and how often. Let us know what you decide! ;)
  9. ACK! You guys are split down the middle. I do remember the Hudson being a bit lighter, but that's not a big issue for me.

    I just love them both, and can't decide!! I guess I'll have some more time to decide, because I just bought a Cerises Speedy :yahoo: and am officially broke.:yucky:
  10. Sorry we're no help! =) If everyone could have their way, we'd all have both bags, LMAO.
  11. I voted for the Hudson, I do love this style. I like the Stam as well, but the Hudson is fresh!
  12. I voted for the Stam cause it's such a beautiful bag, not that Hudson isn't. The Stam I think has more elegant and classic look to it and Hudson is very young and chic looking. It all comes down to your personal style. If I could, I would love to have both!! Maybe my opinion is a little bit biased as I just bought a stam, haha...:nuts:
  13. I agree! Buy both! Forget about your budget!:yahoo: I own both and there is no way I could choose 1 over the other. They are both unique.
  14. Okay...I'm biased. I vote for the Stam. I have the Stam and I love it! I love the idea of a quilted frame bag that's a bit edgy. You can pass it off as both edgy (with chain) and classic (without the chain). I love that it's versatile.

    The Hudson is a great bag though, but I feel that some of my other Marc Jacobs bags (such as the Stella and Venetia) are similar in feel - very streamlined and structured. I just think the Stam is VERY different from anything else he has designed in his collection line.
  15. Hudson is nice but doesn't really impress me.
    I voted for the Stam because I love the style and also, I agree with Suli, I think it's very versatile and different from all the other MJ bags