MJ stam or Celine boogie

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  1. I have to choose one from the two.

    I hope the bag can be dressed up and down, so I can use it for work too (My job is an Electrical Engineer).

    Any comments are welcome. Thanks:heart:
  2. I personally think the Celine Boogie will stand the test of time more than the MJ Stam. The stam although nice reminds me of a large coin purse, and I'm not really into chains for a shoulder strap.
  3. id go with the boogie. i think its a really under rated bag. iv wanted one for a while.
  4. In fact if you like the stam and the boogie then you may like this -
    Double Tote Bag.jpg Small Double Tote.jpg
  5. My vote is for the Boogie also, because of this reason.
  6. Vote for boogie. I love the stam but for work, I say nay
  7. Stam is beautiful, but not really a work bag.
  8. thank you all for your warm suggestions!

    Will boogie go for sale? How about woodbury celine outlet? Does the outlet store carry boogie?
  9. Boogie. I just saw a wonderful collection in the Celine duty free store at Nice airport. The navy blue was so gorgeous I almost bought it there and then.
  10. Celine Boogie.
  11. Hi, DEFINITELY Celine Boogie! Totally classic and Eurochic. Has been in style for a long time. I bought mine at the Celine outlet at Woodbury Common. I have the Celine monogram boogie and it was about $225! They come and go in the outlet, so you just have to check or call them. They will mail to you.
  12. I prefer the stam, it's very beautiful! It looks stunning on and makes a bigger statement than the Celine.
  13. I have a beautiful turquoise Boogie and I say go for the Boogie!
  14. You could rock that stam no matter what. I vote stam!
  15. Celine Boogie!