MJ Stam-Lovers Club!

  1. ^We may need to tuck the kids in for the night before I post 'em:graucho:
  2. roro your Stam collection is fabulous!!!! (and I want your Karen ;))

  3. pshhhhhh!!!hahahah:roflmfao: goodness!
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    Great thread, all in honor of the STAM!

    My stam story: I saw some stams on eB*y when looking for a red bag for myself. I didn't know a thing about their popularity at the time but I was drawn to it as a potential gift for my mom for Mother's Day. With the kisslock closure, it reminded me of the bags she carried when I was a little girl, only revamped and modernized and infinitely cooler!

    So I started looking for one for my mom at a decent price. One day I found one priced really well, and my very first post on the MJ forum was asking for authentication help. Melly and others kindly helped me authenticate it after I got more pics from the seller, and the seller offered me free shipping and a lowered BIN price ... but just as I was going to BIN, another PFer nabbed it to resell.

    So ... the Bloomingdale's 20% off sale was going on at that time, and I decided I would just get one for my mom there, even though it was considerably more than I wanted to spend. The stam arrrived, and I really liked it. But my mom is older and though she liked the bag, she found it was too heavy for her. So back it went to Bloomingdale's.

    Then ... I couldn't stop thinking about the one I'd sent back. I started browsing more on the MJ forum just so I could see stams! And I started looking once again on eB*y for one (this time for myself), and finally found a black quilted stam ... the classic, which was what I wanted to get first. I asked for help with authentication and ended up buying it. It was BNWT, and in perfect shape, so I was really pleased.

    Not too long afterward, someone posted a petrol '05 stam in the deals thread, and I was instantly smitten. I knew there were a couple of issues with it (kisslock not working properly, loose stitching), but after thinking about it, I went for it! It has since been fixed so the kisslock works again, and the loose stitches were repaired.

    About that same time, I saw iluvmybags plum stam from S/S '08 and thought I HAD to have that! I ordered one, and was totally taken with the soft, amazing leather. But the color wasn't quite right for me, so reluctantly, I sent that one back and put my name in with the SA in case a teal stam like the plum stam became available. I didn't have much hope, but a month or so later, I got a call and there was one available! So I got that one too. I haven't used it because I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it, but it is such a gorgeous bag.

    Then ... the F/W '08 bags were put up on the MJ site, and I fell for the stam with the python trim. And you all know that story, since you all helped me decide which to keep! I was also interested in the pleated stam, of course.

    And now I've had the daydream stam in my possession for a few days, and if it had a metal chain, I'd probably have succumbed and purchased that one, too!

    I guess one might say that I really love the stam! :yes::yes::yes:
  5. i would definitely buy another too...
  6. goldenflower- i feel like i read your entire Stam-biography. that was really cool! thanks for the story! I wasnt aware of your first two purchases! where's the family picture?? :search:
  7. here here! PICS!!! :yahoo:
  8. I was in Atlanta at Neiman Marcus today, and I saw the ostrich stam for the first time. I literally wanted to steal it. It was that gorgeous! And, I don't even own a stam. But, I will some day soon. . . I hope!
  9. i would lovvve a stam. i might save up for the next few years in hopes of getting one lol...i seriously love it.
  10. I love the Stam too & go back and forth w/ the Stella trying to figure which one I like the best. :shrugs: So I have 2 Stams & it is the only "style repeat" in my collection, so it must be :love:

    I would someday like to add an icey black to my collection.........

    Here are some pics. The first is my Fall 07 grey & the second is s/s 08 teal!
    tealstam.jpg stam2.JPG
  11. ^Those are GORGEOUS!! The teal and the grey are two of my fave colors for stams! Those and icy taupe...:whistle:

    Quick question: do any of you ladies carry your stams on your shoulders with the leather straps? I know you CAN, I just wonder if it's comfy...just, you know...hypothetically...

  12. Yes, I do carry it this way quite frequently....I think it is comfy... & icey taupe :love: I would love to see some pics of that, do you know where I could find some??? ;)
  13. Hee. Gimme a couple days and I just might be able to scrounge some up:p
  14. omg shop2drop your stams make me green with envy. especially your teal one.......omg i can't stop staring. i swear my heart stopped for a fraction of a second when i saw them. you make me want one even WORSE!

  15. Thank you MJDaisy! :smile: