MJ Stam-Lovers Club!

  1. Welcome, Nikkibaby! We'd love to see your Stam!

    p.s. Oh, I just caught your Stam reveal thread --- just gorgeous!!! I love that cassis color :smile:
  2. Thanks you so much!
  3. :idea::idea:
    I heard this while watching a handbag designer on tv the other day:
    Use a bit of Pledge to clean dirt off of leather handbags.

    This is brilliant! I tried it on my Stam and it worked wonderfully. The place the frame hinge touches the leather sometimes can get dirty. The Pledge wipe took the dirt right off.

    I thought I'd pass the info along.
  4. thanks for the tip, nas! :smile:
  5. I've heard about the reformulation of Pledge, it is multi purpose use now, not just for wood surfaces.

    I use Swiffer sheets to wipe my bags down, it seems to grab all the dust in all the nooks and crannies on the leather surfaces of my Stams. There is a miniscule amount of wax in them I believe, and helps keep my bags polished looking (but not shiny or waxy at all).
  6. That's a good idea too!
  7. Am hearing a black with nickel hardware Stam is coming out for fall.
    Also, possibly a white/nickel, bluette/nickel, light grey/nickel.
    (MJ boutiques)
    (full size Stam)
  8. Bloomies has the full size black with nickel now. I just picked up mine last week!! It's perfect! I've always been a silver girl, so there was never any question in my mind that it wouldn't be mine. My black stam with gold hw is probably going to be sitting in my closet for quite some time now that I have this silver one.

    What I think it so strange is the mini stam with nickel is the exact same price, $1395.

    I'm just beyond ecstatic silver hw is back for a while!!! I have an older Blake and a Sophia with silver hw and I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for silver to make a reappearance.
  9. ooh the bluette/nickel combination sounds intriguing! I wonder if bluette is a soft powder blue, it would look elegant.
  10. My love!

    I broke out my all-time fave Stam today. I love this bag sooooooo much.
    It is a beautiful chocolate brown.

    I always thought HG was a strange term, but since it is a popular term around here, this is my HG ... and has been since I first laid eyes on it ... and it is going on 3 yrs now.
  11. nas, that is one SD color i hardly ever see...it's gorgeous!
  12. Thank you. :smile:
    I've never seen another MJ in brown SD, period. I have a weakness for brown bags.
  13. Drool..OMG! So I have to know.. Are Stam the ONLY bag you carry?
  14. Actually, today I am carrying a black Valentino. :biggrin:
    I probably carry a Stam 80% of the time, usually because I get too lazy to pull something else off the top shelf in the closet. I had a short Valentino frenzy this past winter.

    I love how the Stam opens wide so I can get to everything without digging in a hole. I love the shoulder strap or handle. The only downside is the weight, but I'm pretty used to it.

    I guess I need to make albums again.
    Will do that now.
  15. You are killing me... So they hold up well to everyday use? I love them.. They are fun , classic with a funky twist.