MJ Stam-Lovers Club!

  1. ^^^ I LOVE it! Papa bear, Mama bear and Baby bear :tender:
    Thank you JJ for the wonderful idea :biggrin:
  2. Updated stam family.

    (starting at top, left to right)
    (names and seasons - from memory)
    black resort 11, cassis f/w 11
    red stardust, blue fall 09
    green f/w 11, clay stardust
    purple stardust, brown stardust
    vanilla f/w 11, pink resort 10 i think
    coral resort 11, blue s/s11
    grey resort 11, purple resort 11
    stams updated new.JPG
  3. nas, :faint: it's like you have every color of the rainbow and then some...heehee...
  4. OMG!! the brown SD and that pinkish purple one :heart:
  5. Oh nas... How I envy you!! :biggrin:;)
  6. I'm in stam heaven! Amazing collection! :girlsigh:
  7. They are all beautiful Nas :worthy::worthy::worthy:
    Thank you for your updated family picture.

  8. Thanks, All. I had to have hubby help me get them out this time. I thought he would think I'd lost my mind, but he dutifully rounded them up and then packed them back up and put each one exactly where he found them. :amuse:
  9. I envy you about the stunning stam collection and about your lovely enabler :smile:
  10. He is very sweet!
    And hopefully Stams will not go out of style for a long time ... I will be in big trouble!

  11. Your stam collection is amazing! What a sweet hubby! :heart:
  12. beautiful stam collection!!
  13. Wowza! Never get tired of looking at your collection!!!
  14. Isn't he! Thanks, Deb.

    Thank you!

    I feel goofy updating pics. I wonder if people get tired of me, but I guess we never get tired of looking at the bags. Thank you, blue. We don't see enough of you around these parts. ;)
  15. Beautiful stam collection nas! and a very sweet DH too.