MJ Stam Hobo in MOUSE color...yay or nay?!

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  1. hi

    just want to know some opinion about MJ Stam Hobo in Mouse color....:angel:

    i think the stam is really cute, but i alreay have a celine boogie frame bag..
    so i think this time i should try sometime different..
    therefore, i think the stam hobo might be a good choice..

    however, when i carried it...it is a little big for me, i am 5"5 only..
    can you please give me some opinion for this bag...
    when you see this bag IRL, whats your feeling toward her? do you like it or its too trendy...any opinion for the style or color would be appreciate..

    for those of you who doesnt fimiliar with this design, please refer to this link from eluxury...
    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Quilted Stam Hobo Marc Jacobs

    thank you very much for your help..:P
  2. This color is cashew. I like it much, much better. Saks has at least 20 of them in stock. I ordered one earlier with the shopfall 10% off code. ;)

    I had them overnight it, so whether I keep it or not, I'll try to get some snaps of it on me. I'm barely 5' 4", so maybe I can give you some perspective.
  3. I love the stam hobo in mouse! I say yaaaay
  4. I love the mouse too. I really love taupe-y colors, and it looks like rich, dark taupe to me.
  5. You & Prada will look FAB with your Stam Hobo, I can't pull it off with my height (5' only). With style and color, it really depends on your preference. Color wise, I prefer Cashew even though it has contrast stitching. Style wise, I would pick Stam b/c I love frame bag. Many members love their Stam Hobo. =)

    Prada, looking forward to your beautiful pictures. =)
  6. thanks for the opinion, its very helpful for me...and prada psycho, thanks in advance for your picture...cant wait to see it :yahoo:

    i have seen some picture, they used the chain as shoulder bag....however, when i wear it like that, it just looks some wired....dont know why :crybaby: is it because its is stam hobo, not a stam ?

    >_<" i was taking the picture with the stam hobo...suddenly the camera just shut off due to low battery....:wtf:

    i will post some picture when the camera is powerful...

    thanks again for the opinion...

    let me know you like it or nay..:upsidedown:
  7. just took some pic...:wlae:

    thanks in advance for your opinion..:smile:
    &#29031;&#29255; 034 (Medium).jpg &#29031;&#29255; 039 (Medium).jpg &#29031;&#29255; 042 (WinCE).jpg
  8. ^ Can't wait to see your pics. I'm sure the bag looks great! Besides, big bags are in and the Stam hobo is definitely more manageable than some of the other bags out there.

    The Mouse color is very versatile, but for me personally (I had order a Mouse Stam), it didn't "pop" like I had wanted it to.

  9. Okay...just saw your pics after I posted...

    I think the sizing looks fine on you. So, don't worry...and I don't think it's too trendy. I think quilted bags are very classic...and you can always remove the chain to make it more understated as well.
  10. I have the stam in Mouse and I really love it. I usually do not wear many trendy bags and I don't think the MJ Stam is trendy. I think the chain makes it more classic. The color is so much pretty IRL than in the pictures. I was surprised when I actually got mine because I thought I was going to get the cashew and then when I saw the mouse, I had to have it. I'm not sorry I got it and I get lots of compliments on it.
  11. Phoebe: Stam Hobo looks great on you, I really don't think it's too big.
    Congrats!!!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. =)

  12. I think that is lovely, really. The stam doesn't seem too trendy to me and I think that the Mouse color will end up being quite versatile. I like how it looks on you, very pretty.
  13. phoebe_0526 vbmenu_register("postmenu_889155", true); thanks for sharing the photo, the bag looks great on you, it's a great color...congrats!
    I ordered the same bag from Bloomies and should come next week, cheers:smile:

  15. If you are unsure about her, go for another style. Whether the bag is too big is a relative issue, don't keep her if you feel overwhelmed.

    You seem to have doubts about the color too, which color do you have in mind?

    Get Stam if you find her cuter, it's really okay to have 2 frame bags. =)