MJ stam help please!


Jan 10, 2006
I really want a Stam and i think i'm going to have to buy it off ebay since theres none in canada.
what color should i get black, chalk, ivory, putty? i've never seen one in person. I also noticed some has the suede linning some don't, also some are goat leather some are calf? whats the difference??


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The patent chalk is goat leather (i know because i have one). The black nappa is calf leather. The black is beautiful (i have one). The taupe and ivory are beautiful summery colors, but I'm not sure what the leather is... you could call an MJ boutique and they could tell you. I love the folks in Las Vegas. Very helpful.

They're all gorgeous bags, it's going to come down to personal preference and what your idea for the bag is? If you want a gorgeous summer bag, then go with any of the lighter colors.

The putty is a very light greyish and cooler color. The ivory is a warmer color. The chalk is a little more blingy and stiffer because of the patent. The black is more of an everyday, year-round choice.

The chalk patent has a linen lining. The black one I have has a burgundy suede lining (it's a cruise edition), with very light shiny hardware.

Hope this helps! :biggrin:
I don't think NAP is getting anymore in. Have you heard otherwise?

As far as color, it just depends on your preference. I have and love black but the other colors are tempting. All the colors you posted are nice and neutral and pretty similar (other than black). I'm surprised they released so many that are close in color. Putty would be my second choice after black.
I have the MJ bowler in cream and I love, love, love it. I think it's a bag for all seasons.
The colors on the internet seemed different than the real live ones at Saks to me.
Now I am talkiing as if bags were no longer inanimate objects, that's scary
Here's the lowdown on Spring 06 Stams:

The calfskin Stams came in black with light tan suede interior, ivory with light tan suede interior, and putty with blue suede interior. All of these bags have shiny light gold hardware.

The patent Stams (blush, chalk and cola) are all made of goat leather and have linen colored canvas linings. They also have the light gold shiny hardware.

All of the bags are beautiful and you won't go wrong with any of the colors, so choose the one you like best!

Good luck!
Since you haven't seen them in person, you should know that the stams are quite heavy--especially with the chain on. And once you fill them up, (they are quite large) they are even heavier! That said, they are gorgeous bags! I love mine, but I find it a bit big sometimes. I don't always carry large bags--my usual size is that of a Balenciaga First. If you love large bags, you will likely love the stam!

As for color, that depends what you wear. If you wear a lot of earth tones, get putty or another similar colour. If you like black, get black!
does the patent leather look cheap? is it too flashy? i just want a good color to match everyday clothes and easy to take care of other than the black.
The chalk patent doesnt look cheap IMO. I love it. Very springy!

Here are some pics. Warning...I take the worst pics.


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I have black and absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a black bag for carrying year-round. I am having a patent chalk MJ Elise shipped to me and keep hearing how beautiful that color is. That being said and having seen pics that were just posted, if you want a lighter colored bag (and white is very very hot right now), I would get the chalk Stam. I think it comes down to personal preference.
I think i may be leaning to towards black. i noticed the one personalshopper is selling has the beige suede linning is that the new linning or old linning?
My bf thinks i should get it in ivory. I just have one concern will the chain rub off onto the ivory leather with time? i think i might buy it in ivory and black since i can't decide....