MJ stam for $638

  1. Gone :sad:
  2. aw man!!! i wish i caught this!!! this is the only MJ bag i like.
  3. i successfully ordered it, but it's cancelled within 1 min when i review my order history....
  4. ah... i always miss these. they probably had barely any in stock left. oh well.
  5. same here:sad:
  6. wouldnt it be smart of them to lower the price for one day- we would all buy them- they would make a fortune- instead of us all going for the same 1 bag that pops up on the site
  7. awwwwww, i cant believe i hv missed this!! i want this bag!!
  8. Must be a return... :shrugs:
  9. I want this bag so bad but always miss the great deal! :cry: :cry: