MJ Stam.. do u like it?

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  1. I just sold my silveardo ... HOnestly I still love the silverado but somehow.. i think its a good time to sell it.

    I am consider getting a Balenciaga twiggy or hobo or MJ stam..

    which one you like better???

    I quite like the shape of the MJ stam but.. will it be a one season IT bag only? i prefer something more classic.

    For the Balenciaga , which color you will choose?
  2. if you like the quilted look .. go for a chanel :smile: its more classic and the reissue is just to die for!
    or the balenciaga :smile:
  3. I agree.
  4. I like the vintage look of Stam. Its a look that can be pulled off on alternate seasons. Elux has one in blush now,....so purrty:love:
    If you get the b-bag, i think black or white is the best colors out there.
  5. I owned a black balenciaga city bag before but I found this color is a bit boring and Balenciaga actualy done very well with other shape color too...

    On my wistlist:
    Black or Petrol Stam
    Balenciaga Twiggy ( havent decide the color yet)
  6. get the MJ Stam !!!
  7. Balenciaga should you want a classic.. go for black or white.. else for an increadable fun look go for apple green!! :love:
    I am sorry but i didnt like the stam :huh: i dont know why i found it a bit old :sad: its just not my type..
    and as "his angel" said.. u could go for a chanel better for that same quilted look
  8. I really like the stam, but I think the style of the B-bag will be a bit more lasting. Plus there are more colour choices for Balenciaga.. like lilac !
  9. I love the Stam, I have it in last fall's taupe and black, and it suits my style perfectly.
  10. I love the Taupe and BLack color from last season~!! love to matte goldware and love the leather!! I am not a big fan for the current season's shiny leather at all.
  11. I love the Balenciaga Twiggy. I have one in white and I have a rouge one on hold at my local NM. Balenciagas come in fabulous colors! I love almost all the colors they have! It really is just a matter of what color you really like. To see color swatches go to www.ateliernaff.blogspot.com
    Happy hunting!
  12. i don't really like the stam for spring, with the puffy quilted leather and the big hardware, it just looks like a winter bag to me.
  13. Not a huge fan either. If going for the quilted look I'd go for the original - and get a Chanel bag.