MJ Stam - Cola vs. Blush

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  1. Now I think MAYBE I do like the Stam.... My friends and my mom HATE the bag, they think it looks like a bad granny bag... But I keep looking at it. I like it in the patent leather. If it came in the patent green--it'd be mine! Unfortunately, it doesn't come that way...

    Anyways, what do you guys think? There's cola and blush. Here's a link to an ebay auction of the cola so you can see what it looks like--I'd get it through the MJ store:


    And here's a link to the blush (slightly pink) one on eluxury.com


    My wardrobe is mostly black, navy blue, some chocolate brown, charcoal grey. I don't wear pastels much and I'm not really into khakis, more of a jeans chick.
  2. I think it's a cute bag, I love the cola. As long as you love the bag, that's all that matters. I would definitely try it inperson though, just to make sure.
  3. I agree about needing to try it in person. I'm totally bummed--the stores near me don't have either color in store... I'd have to either order the cola through MJ in SF and then I could only get a store credit. And the blush is only on eluxury.com right now. I think that might be a sign.... Maybe I should just wait for one to pop up in a department store near me....
  4. I will get Cola instead of Blush!

    I originally dont really like this bag but somehow the more i look at it, the more i love it! I am planning to get one now! but i wish to get it in the matte leather instead of the patent leather.
  5. I'm not liking the cola; it's too dark and too shiny for me. Are they going to do the cola in the nappa leather? I think it would look better.

    If it was a choice between blush and cola, I'd get blush. More summery.

    Did you call MJ LV? They are really good about calling people on their lists and knowing what colors are coming in.
  6. I think I like the patent leather in blush better than the cola on this MJ stamp. Yep I agree. Best is to try it in person before you commit to buy and can't return it except for the store credit.
  7. I'm thinking that the Cola patent leather is really hard to photograph without it looking so shiny like that but I have a hunch it's gorgeous in person. I haven't seen the Blush but I hear it's heavy on the pink IRL, which is a no-go for me personally.

    On a side note... I have the MJ Quilted Bowler ordered in Cola. I'm in love with this bag! Here's a pic of it looking not so shiny...

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  8. Wow, the Blush Stam already sold out on Eluxury!
  9. Beautiful bag! I like the cola on your bowler, but it's nappa leather right?
  10. The description says patent leather. I'm really curious to see it but I think I'll be happy as long as it's anything but the Icy leather (which is what I have on my Stam). I like that, but I would have prefered the Nappy (not available at the time) so I want something different. Here's a bigger pic of a different bag...

    What do you think? It looks really Nappa-ish in the Cola color.

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  11. This purse has really grown on me. I love it in the petrol blue or black. I would take cola over blush.
  12. I heard from a MJ SA that Stam would be coming in green (also midnight blue). This was a while ago, but other bags in the line are being done in the green quilted patent, so I think it's a strong possibility the guy was right. Perhaps you want to call MJ and ask? I will be going there today so I will see if I can find out what (if any) other colors are coming in. That's right--I'm going on yet another quest to find the perfect bag...Wish me luck!
  13. Ooo, that would be GREAT to know! I really like green, even midnight blue. I think my main problems with the purse are probably b/c of the colors... I'd soooooooooooo be in love with green! I think I'll try calling a store or two and see what they say. I should get a color I'd wear, otherwise, it'd just be a waste.
  14. UPDATE: Called MJ in SF. Told that the patent leather was ordered in cream/ivory, cola, and blush by the MJ company. SA said it could be possible that a department store could have placed an order for green or blue Stams, but he had no additional information on that....