Mj Stam Bag

  1. Hi Ladies, Does anyone know if/where i can purchase quilted stams online? thanks!
  2. eluxury.com, neimanmarcus online, Saks online, lots of reputable stores, let us know which one you get
  3. Thanks so much guys, Melly you imperticular, your links were so helpful!! Hope i can return the favor sometime....:smile:
  4. Does the Stam come in a dark purple colour?
  5. Ummm...i think so the metallic purple stam in patcwork u mean??
  6. it comes in metallic purple, i have it the venetia in metallic purple, i saw the stam at bluefly for 1300$
  7. I was thinking something like Balenciaga's Ink .... a dark dark purple because if it did that would look really nice.