MJ stam bag colors...

  1. hii,
    im new to this board, just found out about it from a member on the jessicastyle board :smile:

    i have had my eye on the MJ stam bag for awhile and am wondering what colors are still available out there now...

    i know there is black but im trying to see what other "colors" i can possibly still find in stores and which store (Nordies, Neimans, Saks, MJ, Barneys) is the best place to look and do they still have the clasp problem with it popping open?


  2. The 2006 Stams have a new type of kisslock that does not pop open. Around Feb. 06 the following colors were released in calfskin with suede interiors: putty, ivory and black. The next release was in distressed patent goatskin with twill interiors in the following colors: chalk, cola, and blush. The latest release was once again done in calfskin (with twill interior) and included black, bronze, and camel. I hope I didn't forget any of the colors...

    I'm not sure if any of these are still available in stores, but it may be worth calling around. Good luck finding your Stam!
  3. ohhh thanks valerieb!! :smile:

    with the 2006 styles, can you fit the arm handles over your shoulder??
  4. ^^^Only if you are very, very tiny. I'm average size but couldn't fit the handles over my shoulder without the giant kisslock digging in. On the 2005 Stams the handles fit nicely over my shoulder.
  5. what colors did the patent leather stams come in and is there anywhere i can find a patent leather stam now???

  6. Blush (neutral pink), chalk (off-white), cola (dark).
    Chalk is available at bluebeeonline.com
  7. oh bluebee said they were sold out of it and they just needed to update their site :sad:
  8. If I remember correctly, MissBradsaw is selling her Chalk Stam, you might want to contact her for her ebay auction listing.

    Some members of this forum recently posted pictures of their Blush & Chalk Stams, you can search for them.
  9. Nordstrom Westside Pavilion has 2 black stams left FYI if anyone is looking
  10. LV Valleyfair had 1 black stam and 1 E/W Mousse available yesterday. If you're looking for one, call 408-248-2180 (ask for Georgette in handbags). She's very helpful.
  11. I just saw black Stams at Nordstrom at the Grove. Also about 2 weeks ago there was a large black stam at Cheap Chic...323-951-1000 ask for Allison.
  12. Ooh, what was your impression of the E/W Mouse??