MJ Stam - authenticity photo Question

  1. Hi ladies, I'm new here and I tried to write in the Intro thread but it's been locked. I had a question that I figured some of you may know.

    I have a used MJ Stam in Petrol that I wanted to sell on Ebay since I don't get as much use out of it as I should. I wasn't sure what photos the buyers would need that would show them that it's real. Besides the obvious (chain, bag, zippers, inner lining, clasp..) what else is needed to show its authenticity?...I don't have a receipt so that's a bummer, but I have the MJ controllato and a little information card (but it seems that all the fakes have that too! :mad: )

    I'd appreciate any help...thanks!
  2. Where did you purchase your bag? If you used a credit card, you might want to provide a copy of the statement showing the purchase. In terms of photos, I suggest posting pics of the bag from all angles--front, back, side, bottom, etc. There are so many fake petrol bags that buyers are bound to be leary. Perhaps you'd be willing to offer a money back guarantee for authenticity only. Since you know it's real, it won't be an issue, but it might make buyers feel better.

    Good luck!
  3. I would have a picture of the stam next to a handprinted sign with your seller ID on it. Let them know that the picture is YOURS, and that the stam pictured is indeed in your possession (prevents the bait and switch!).

    Where did you buy the bag originally?
  4. Good luck. There are so many fake petrols on ebay you are going to have a hard time selling it without receipts and store tags.
  5. lots and lots of pictures. you can get the picture package with gallery and supersize and up to 12 pictures for $1.50 on ebay. it only cost an extra 50 cents to go from 6 pictures to 12 pictures on ebay. if you are wanting to sell the bag for what it's worth, then what is 50 cents? i recommend taking pictures of the front, back, side, underside, inside, every single side and angle you can think of. some close up, some farther away. good luck with your sale. if you truly have a petrol stam, then it would be a good investment for you to prove its authenticity.
  6. I would like to know where the bag was purchased along with tons of pics. IMO this bag is very rare, so buyer beware.
  7. aimky, how much are you selling it for?? I've been dying for the petrol blue. Maybe you can sell it to a fellow bagaholic.... If you want to discuss it privately, e-mail me at medgirl2008@yahoo.com