MJ stam and 15% phyton

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  1. Cha-Chingggggggggggggg
    guess what came in the mail today!!!
    i :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag but am still pondering whether i should keep it or not!!
    coz i ordered a black chanel jumbo for next week and im definitely keeping that...
    opnions much appreciated!!!!
    ps:sorry for the bad pic!
  2. Both bags are definitely different.... if you can afford to keep both, you should!

    The python stam is not my style, but that bag is SMOKIN'!
  3. thithi:thanks for the reply but i think i need to choose between two!what do you think which do you guys prefer more??
  4. it's hot to death! I really, really love it:drool:
  5. Between the two, I say chanel, but I don't really like the MJ. It doesn't matter if you love it though! I'm sure you'll make the choice that's right for you ;)
  6. If I had to choose... I'd go with the Chanel. I think the python is hot for the moment, but Chanel will be classic forever... now, if it was the black stam, it would be a different answer.;)

    You really have to decide on which bag fits your lifestyle and which will be more bang for your money. Let us know what you decide!
  7. Agree with Nerphanie, I would choose Chanel Jumbo for sure.
    If you have doubts about this Stam, return it.
  8. I don't know what to say....I'd be disappointed to send either one back. That MJ is really special. I love it!
  9. Is the Chanel the quilted caviar bag? I think that the Chanel is more classic while the MJ is a little more of a statement bag and a bit more trendy with the python.

    Personally, I'd keep the Chanel, but do what your heart tells you! You said you had to send one back, but also said you were definitely keeping the Chanel, so maybe you answered your own question???? :smile:
  10. Chanel is definitely a keeper. It's more classic compare to MJ.
  11. I vote to keep the Chanel - such a classic bag!!!

    I'm not really feeling this Stam...I think there are prettier versions...but that's just me!
  12. When you get both bags, try it on with different outfits and decide on which one you'll feel comfortable carrying out often... you'll know when you have both in front of you.
  13. I'd choose the Chanel. It's timeless, and this stam.. isn't. I'm not a fan of it myself :heart:
  14. Chanel...always gorgeous mags
  15. Chanel, for sure. More classic!