MJ Stam 50% off at LVR..hurry!!

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  1. It's gone! I hope someone from TPF purchased it!:yes:
  2. BG in NYC had Stams going for 50% as well...not sure if there are any left--theere were 2 left about a week ago
  3. Was it the regular Stam on sale or the one shown above with pockets?
  4. It was the one shown in the picture.
  5. Great deal... oh so gone :Push:
  6. i would have loved to get that one. I've heard a lot of complaints about it's weight from fellow pf members though.
  7. is luisaviaroma.com reliable? authentic handbags?:confused1:
  8. Oh well that was quick!

    I'm hoping for a quilted classic black MJ Stam to go on sale..fingers crossed!
  9. i ended up purchasing one just then. i was flicking through the site when i saw it. i hope it comes soon but it's my first purchase with lvr so i probably have ages to wait.
  10. I am confused...is it "mouse" as in a tiny rodent, or "mousse" as in a delicious French dessert? Just curious....
  11. Has anyone seen the baby stam on sale? Any color is fine.
  12. I just looked too...maybe I should read the entire thread before getting so excited :shame:
  13. whoever took advantage of the sale must be very happy!