MJ Spring 2002

  1. Yes, I know this is a purse forum but i have a question and since you guys seem to know EVERYTHING FASHION i figure someone can lead me in the right direction. Here is the deal, my love for my boo Marc Jacobs has been since forever. Ok, so I fell in LOVE with his spring 2002 collection when i first saw all the GORGEOUS dresses. Now that i can afford nice things where in the world could i find one? I saw Paris wearing one about a year or two back, where could i get one and would there be a website that can offer things from so long ago?? Anyway, ladies as always thank you very very very much for all of your help! :flowers: See pics below.:yes:
    MJ Dress.jpg MJ Dress 2.jpg MJ Dress 3.jpg MJ Dress 4.jpg MJ Shoes.jpg
  2. sorry im no help, but just wanted to say that marc jacobs is awesome!! cant believe those were from 2002!! thay still look hot
  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Purple is my favorite color. :tup:
  4. I remember that purple dress (the 4th pic) - Debra Messing was photographed wearing it & I think it might have sold out quickly. Your best bet is going to be either eBay or a consignment shop. Sometimes you can get good deals on older clothing. Last year, I found a MbyMJ coat from 2003 that originally sold for $400 that I had wanted forever for around $50, and not long before that, I found a jacket from the 2002 F/W line for around $40 (originally around $300).

    I've also found some gorgeous [high end] MJ jackets for around $100 or less from several years ago that originally sold for $2k+ - I would just search the eBay pages daily.

    (you might also try calling one of the MJ boutiques - I don't know about clothing, but they still have bags in styles/colors from several seasons ago - maybe they still have some older clothing. It certainly couldn't hurt)
  5. i didn't know he designed such a feminine and pretty collection for s/s 02! i think your best bet at this point, like iluvmybags said, would be eBay. i would also try contacting high end consignment shops like decadestwo in los angeles and what comes around goes around in nyc. you can email what comes around goes around and a sales associate will get back to you. here's their address requests@shopwcaga.com

    good luck!
  6. Thanks ladies for your help!:biggrin: I knew I could get something out of my random question and fond desire for a five year old dress..:rolleyes: