MJ Spring 08'

  1. Has anyone noticed that Spring 08' is up on the MJ website?:yahoo:
  2. Cool beans...going there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Granted sometimes it takes a while for things to grow on me but as of now I'm not sure if I'm loving the florescent colors.... :hrmm:

    ETA: I do however love the frogs (they're just too cute) and how he brought back the soft calf Venetia!! :yahoo:
  4. Not feeling the loud colors either, or the Serefima...is that a print of a bag on a bag? :confused1:

    I like the long strap added to the venetia, though! And I think pale gray is the one Cameron Diaz has, right? I definitely want one. The rose color looks an awful lot like pomegranate, except with gold hardware and oddly wrapped rings.
  5. WOW thanks fabuless!

    I like the ns tote, the dash in lavender, the mini bag with frog and of course the yogurt large MP. I would LOVE to see the ns tote in a regular stam shape. That would be mine I think....:graucho:

    The whole collection seems very Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole to me. Its kind of fun.

    I dont like the neon stams though and will never like the tumor bags....:weird:
  6. Crazy colors in this collection. I do like the Raspberry color. :heart:
  7. I am not jumping up and down.
  8. I agree...not crazy. The zip clutch in the orange color is cute but it says red?? :confused1:
  9. ^^ I think they're trying to be funny or something. If you look at the MbMJ Resort bags on the website, they really exaggerate the colors but they look nothing like that IRL. I don't like the new take on the blake and MP. But I really love the spring '08 MbMJ. Especially the Ladly L and the Dylan. Hope the Lady L comes in more colors.
  10. I like many of them actually. It is fresh for spring.
  11. i'm confused abotu the bag on bag as well, wth??
  12. ugh the anticipation is killing me! i cant view the MJ website on the computer here at the timeshare :sad:
  13. I need to see them IRL, before I decide if I like them. I have a geranium MP and I thought that was really bright when I first bought it.

    The shorter, leather wrapped handles look good on the blake, but adds too much to the venetia.

    This collection does look interesting....
  14. I LOVE the hot pink Stam, but I'd never buy it. Not very practical.

    But the little frog bag is cute, and I'm curious if that new grey Venetia looks anything like my Graphite Venetia in person.
  15. I like the new casey tote in raspberry, it looks D-licious!