MJ spotting on Sex and the City

  1. I was re-watching SATC yesterday for like the millionth time and guess what I spotted?


    If anyone is curious, it is season 6, episode 4 "Pick a little, talk a little", about 6 minutes into the episode.

    I can't believe I didn't spot it before, Charlotte is wearing it when she's shopping at the market...does anyone know who makes the argyle coat she's wearing? It's adorable.
  2. I Love SATC! I think I am going to re-watch all seasons soon! Will be on the look out for the anouk!
  3. Very cool! Charlotte is my favorite SATC character. Figures it would be her with the MJ bag! :p
  4. ^^ITA! I love Charlotte! She has such a cute style!
  5. I remember seeing a photo of her somewhere with this bag.. Which episode was it?? I need to see it for old time's sake. BTW, they're coming out with a series based on Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle too.... Book is ok, but not as sexy as SATC.
  6. season 6, episode 4 thithi :smile:

    title: "Pick a little, talk a little"

    when is the new series coming out?

    I wish SATC went on forever....*sigh*
  7. Me too! I catch reruns on cable now...

    I don't know when the new series is coming out, last I heard it was in the works.

    I will have to look up that episode now.... LOL.