MJ Sporty Tote

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  1. Anyone seen this in person?
  2. Coachwife has..ask her...
  3. I posted pictures somewhere. It makes Jill sad to see photos of the children she adopted out. I have a link somewhere....let me look.
  4. Your link is sending me back to the purse forum front page.:Push:
  5. It's beautiful IRL! =) I have seen it in Black, Chalk, Graphite, Whiskey. It also comes in Emerald and Amethyst (in Charteuse as well?). It's not heavy.

    I think Tote (another new style that's $1200USD) is even nicer, I have only seen it at Nordstrom SCP. Its style reminds me of Chanel's Caviar Tote (just a little though). One side of the tote is quilted leather and the other side is regular leather. The shoulder strap is a combination of chain & leather. Very stylish and elegant.
  6. (source: shoptwigs.com)
    Soft Calf Sporty Tote in Graphite
    New from Marc Jacobs for Fall 2006, the Sporty Tote is a new addition to the classic and coveted "Soft Calf Classics" collection! We love the street-chic look this bag gets from its angled zippers and push-lock closure perfectly offset by the graphite-grey soft calfskin. Bag features suede lining, interior zip pocket and cell phone pocket, logo protector feet on bottom. Made in Italy. 14.5" x 10" x 5.5"
    Price $995.00
  7. is it still sending you back there? I did it wrong and then edited it. It is sending me back to the right one now. It's on page two of the MJ forum and I think janice started the thrread???? It's three pages long. BTW: I love reading your comments. :P
  8. I can't wait to see an Amethyst Sporty Tote IRL... There's not enough purple bags out there. It looks comfortable!
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