MJ "Special Items"

  1. I was just looking at www.marcjacobs.com and I noticed their special items section. There are such cute things at great prices!! They have some really cute t-shirts, totes (which I read about in MarcLV123's thread), and random stuff like band-aid packs!

    I ordered the Pan Am Weekender after reading yes.please's thread and I love it! I want more!!! :yahoo:

    Are the "special items" limited editions, or just limited to specific stores? For example, can you get the London t-shirts at the Savannah store?

    Has anyone seen these things IRL? I think the MJ band-aid pack is sooo cute and hilarious! It's only $1.85!

    I really want something...I'm feeling the MJ itch again!! :nuts:

    Thanks girls!
    (I'm so glad shallow obsessing is strongly encouraged here...) :p
  2. Yeah I thought about ordering a ton of extra special items stuff since I was already paying the flat rate to ship the pan am bag. I ended up only getting two of the jacobs by mj totes but wish I had ordered other totes, the band aids, and some t shirts for my boyfriend. Though we looked together and he didn't seem too into any of the stuff, I really thought the london tee was adorable.

    Next time I do a charge send, I'm going to make it worth every cent of the $20 shipping.
  3. ^^I know what you mean! I just ordered the Pan Am Weekender (and I'm glad I did before the price went up) but I want that London Taxi T!
    Do they have it at all the stores, or just savannah/bleeker like the Pan Am bag?
  4. Not sure... It can't hurt to call. I ordered the pan am from the ny store.
  5. I think it said on the site that some of the London things were only for the store in London. I don't know how MJ works that out unless you order from London directly.....
  6. The London store had lots of really cute Tees (MJ London, Las Vegas, Paris etc) lots of London totes, sure they'll do mail order. I'll have a look if I can find the tel no.
  7. Too bad I live nowhere NEAR a Marc Jacobs store... those T-shirts are really cute! They don't sell them online do they?
  8. OK--I just called the Savannah store and ordered the London taxi tee, two of the totes, and the band-aid pack! I know the band-aids are kinda cheesy, but they were like 1.50, so why not, right? I'll post pics when it comes!!
  9. When I used to live in NYC the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleeker always had those cute little random trinkets...like those $1 pencil sharpeners and things like that.
  10. I love the MBMJ store! There's always something cute and cheap to pick up. They had some nice beaded necklaces there the other day for $10 each. Pins and keychains too for $1.

    can't wait to see your haul marclover!
  11. the taxi t-shirt is the most comfy thing you will ever put on your body! i love mine.
  12. Terribly comfy, but a bit roomy...only comes in Medium.
  13. yeah, i hate that the shirts come in such limited sizes. i wanted to buy my boyfriend one of the political themed slogan shirts, but the biggest size they had were mediums. the same goes for the boxers they had.

    i ended up buying the shirt anyway along with the flag beach towel and two bandage packs. i wanted one of the "give 'em hell, al" canvas bags, but there weren't any available at the ny store.

  14. Yeah I was kinda disappointed that it wouldn't be more fitted...but hopefully it'll still look cute! I love the black taxis, they remind me of my semester abroad in London!
  15. i wear mine with skinny jeans, cute flats and a little cardigan. i like the oversized look of it- i think it looks cute and not sloppy at all.