MJ special items satin tote?

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  1. I desperately want the Marc Jacobs Ink:


    But $895 is just too much IMO to pay for nylon..

    Someone I know has a gold and silver MJ special items satin tote and took it on a recent trip. Her pics made it look so glamorous. I really want a bag that I can use as a diaper bag while not using my diaper bag. I'm thinking of this tote in silver..thoughts?

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  2. I agree, totally looks better in real life than in the stock photo. I like it in both gold and silver, but silver would probably be more versatile. It would work great as a diaper bag. However, $895 is a lot to pay for nylon... Maybe you can find it for cheaper on ebay?
  3. i think it's actually really cute
  4. TBH I always thought it looked cheap in the stock photo but the RL one changed my mind. I think you'll be able to get a lot of use out of it, it looks durable enough.
  5. I agree with faith. Those pictures make it look really nice!
  6. It does look nicer IRL. But $895 for nylon?
  7. The Nylon tote isn't the one Sabina's asking about - that's the one she likes (yea, it's $895 for nylon w/leather trim. I think the straps are woven w/leather too, similar to the lacquered bags)

    the special items tote is like $40 or $50 and I think it's PVC material

    I think it's a nice casual bag - it would be perfect as a diaper bag. One that could be tossed around w/little concern
  8. yes iluv is right..The special items silver tote is only like $50 which would partially satisfy my lust for the Ink, pictured here, which is $895..

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