MJ Special for Pan Am weekender.

  1. I was at the MJ boutique yesterday and I saw this bag. It is pretty big and roomy, perfect for a carry on I think.

    It sold out in NY and while I was there, there were these three guys from Japan who bought all of the white and like 75% of the blue ones!

    What do you guys think? I think its super cute and vintage looking.
  2. Yes, it really is super cute. My only reservation with the bag is having the "Marc Jacobs" signature being so prevalent. I'm pretty much an anti-logo kind of girl when it comes to bags.
  3. Reminds me of somethin a barbie doll would carry....lol
  4. haha I think that is kind of why I like it! it's a pretty big bag, so the logo doesn't bother me because it def would only be used for travel. on the other side is a huge pan am logo.
  5. i hate the logo. but still curious, what was the price?
  6. only $58
  7. ^oh, not bad then. i guess it's a cute "going to the office" bag. just wouldn't carry it around as my purse.
  8. not even... it's like 20 x 20 x 15. BIG.
  9. I have to agree that I usually don't like logo bags but it's really cute. Hm...is it MJ boutique or MbyMJ store? Maybe I'll check out one in here. I really don't have a bag for like a mini trip. My suitcase is too big.
  10. It looks like something airline stewardesses would use 30 years ago. I kinda like it too!
  11. My SA said it was only being sold in t he Savannah and NYC M by MJ stores... And I belive it's sold out now, definately in white, I'm not sure about the blue.
  12. For $58, I could learn to love the logo. ;)
  13. its cute. something i would use for like maybe carry on or a very hip and chic gym bag lol
  14. thanks for the headsup, I got a white color :smile:
  15. I actually HAD a flight bag like that about 35 yrs ago!! - I used to store my dolls in it -- Must still be here somewhere ..........:smile: