MJ Sophia Vs. MJ Pocket Satchel...which would you choose?

  1. I already have the MJ Venetia in black, but I'm torn between the Sophia or the Pocket satchel. Is the satchel too similar to the venetia?

  2. The Sophia would be an entirely different shape, so that might add some variety to your collection. What color are you looking at?
  3. P.S. the Sophia and pocket satchel will both be in the Almond color
  4. Not sure what you mean by pocket satchel, is that the Elise? Both are really different, if you want a shoulder bag then I agree with tln, go with the Sophia! Or if you want something ladylike, then go with the Elise....
  5. I absolutely adore the Sophia style. I carry a small-ish makeup bag, glasses, cell phone, zip clutch, keys, and there's even a small book in there right now. :heart:
  6. I have a pocket satchel and use it all the time - it's a nice mid-size bag that fits a lot and looks very pulled-together. However, like the Venetia it's mainly a handbag.
  7. I say go for the Sophia!
  8. Sophia!:smile:
  9. I would definitely get the Sophia. Good luck!!