MJ sophia or small multipocket???

  1. im wondering which you all prefer? which is more comfortable and which fit's more stuff??:shrugs:
  2. I think people have asked this question many times (but search is down, I know)....you're going to get a lot of responses in support of the MP over hte sophia -but I"m here to support the sophia! I personally love this bag and the size is fine for me - It's the perfect solution to those who don't like the weight and size of the stella - but love the overall look of the bag. I think it's gorgeous - and I can fit my wallet, makeup, water bottle in mine - sometimes more - but I can't "overstuff" it like some of my other bags.
    I have both - and I really like the MP too - but I think that the Sophia rests better over my shoulder (just a little bit better) - the strap is flat - and the pockets on the Sophia are a little bigger, as are the pushlocks compared to the MP which are like "mini pushlocks"

    my vote: get one of each LOL (the answer of a true addict)
  3. hahahah! thanks for chiming in...yes, im sure there's probably something similar to this thread, but i cant find anything with the search thing down....so thank you for chiming in!!!!!!
  4. i prefer the sophia. the strap is easier on the shoulder. when the MP is stuffed, it feels a little bulky under my arm. sophia lays better =)
  5. Sophia gets my vote.
  6. I vote one of each!!
  7. I've owned both, but I sold my Sophia. I kept my Cherry Blossom Small MP. Even though they're both on the smaller side, I prefer the MP. When I stuck things in my Sophia, it tended to bulge and I didn't like the way it looked. The MP's shape accommodates your items better IMO. Good luck in your decision jun!! I really don't think you could go wrong with either. :yes:
  8. I have both..and I LOVE both...so get BOTH lol!!!! Seriously though I would try them both on if you can...The sophia has a flat strap strap and the mp has a rolled strap...see what feels better on you....good luck w/ your decision!!!
  9. Sophia - flat strap. That's the kicker for me - the MP is beyond beautiful, and you can stuff that baby SO full of stuff and it still looks great, but it's murder on your shoulder with that rolled strap when it's stuffed full. The small MP I'm sure is not as bad as the large, but the Sophia is just...ah. Beautiful! And the flat, comfy strap does it for me.

    I say Sophia! What color are you looking for?
  10. I had three Sophias and I sold them all, but only because they weren't big enough for all of my stuff. I LOVED the flat strap and the overall look of the bag, but I just couldn't fit all my stuff in the bag. That's not to say they aren't roomy, but if you carry bulky items, you may be better off with the MP.That being said, if you have heavy stuff in the MP, the rolled strap can become uncomfortable on the shoulder. I'd go with what you like the best. If you scour eBay and get the bags authenticated, you can find REALLY good deals on the Sophia!!!
  11. Sophia is my baby..love the strap, the 3 compartments..you cant over stuff it though..I had the MP and returned it coz of the strap, it can get heavy on you. Sophia get my vote
  12. well, i must say im a bad bad girl:sweatdrop:...my first ban didn't last long...broken with a lovely cherryblossom MP:yahoo:...and sometime this year, i'd love to add a sophia to the mix!
  13. Congrats! It's worth it!
  14. Congrats! I love the small MP and cherry blossom is a gorgeous color!! :drool: I can't wait to see pictures!
  15. Congrats :yahoo:
    I love the small MP (and the large ones too), it's really comfy to wear, holds a ton and looks fab.
    The Sophia is a great looking bag, holds less than the MP and I find that it slips off my shoulder quite easily. Happens more with my washed rose one than my older black one.