MJ Sophia in fuschia?

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  1. What do you all think of this color? Too bright? I love pink/purple but wondering if this is too much for day use?

  2. I like it!! Great color.
  3. I like it too! I think the color looks like it might be darker in person.
  4. It's not too much for day use -- my only concern is if the color is too "seasonal" (though the bag style is not).
  5. LOVE the color!
  6. I actually have this bag! I bought it from efashionhouse (a website that sells authentic, don't go to efashionstore, apparently they copied the website name and sell fakes). Anyway, when I saw it on the website, I thought it looked like more of a pink and was a little disappointed when it came due to the color being darker/brighter than I expected. But the leather was so gorgeous and it really grew on me! I enjoy carrying it and find it goes with a lot. I think it looks best with black, gray or a more cool/neutral color outfit. Or with a very pale violet sweater--you don't want another too bright color or it will clash with the bag. Anyway, it's very pretty, so if you love it, get it!
  7. I adore this color! I have a marc jacobs "lady" bag with crochet in this color that I got at the marc jacobs boutique. The color is so luscious, I just love this. It's a rich color
  8. Love the fuschia!
  9. Love it, it's a great Spring/Summer bag!
  10. i love it! it's so bright :smile:
  11. I love this color! I used to have the Blake in fuschia, but sadly had to sell it because I got a Stella in a similar color. :sad:
  12. love this colour! it's really deep and saturated - will look fab with jeans.
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