MJ Sophia in fuschia--ok to wear in winter?

  1. I have an MJ sophia in a deep fuschia color (can't remember the exact name of the color or what season it was from--i got it secondhand). It has silver hardware. Do you think it would be ok to wear this time of year or is this more of a spring/summer bag? I wish I could post a picture but I just got a digital camera and I'm still trying to figure it out. The color is not particularly dark, but it is very deep and well saturated, and I think it might be cool with a black outfit.
  2. ^ Amelia, you sure can wear it now. It gives an extra pop to dark colored outfit. =) If the official color name is Fuschia, then it's from Resort 2004.
  3. I would definitely wear it now! It's a very versatile color as far as seasons go!
  4. agreed! i have one in berry color too and use it regardless of season. fuschia and berrys go really well with the usual black and grey outfits one tends to wear in winter =)
  5. Absolutely!!! I have a sophia in that color...I can't remember the 'exact' name...I've worn it alot..I wear black pants alot...And most of my coats are black...Black boots for snow...And I like that bag b/c it stands out nicely and seems to cheer things up a bit....The color of mine is like a deep purple-pink...Go for it!! :heart: Emmy
  6. I think this is the perfect time of year to want a big splash of gem toned colors! GO bold and Enjoy!
  7. Cool! Thanks for the replies everyone--I will take her out more!
    Emmy, it sounds like we may have the same bag! :smile:
  8. Definitely rock the Sophia! It'll be great to see in a sea of dark colors!
  9. Emmy, you have the Violet Sophia. It has the lavender canvas inside, correct? That is a very pretty color....
  10. ^Thithi you're the bomb! Lately my mind is mush....And yes..That's exactly what it is!!! :heart: Emmy
  11. I agree, definitely wear that bag now. Fuchsia is a cool color and looks great in the winter, in all seasons actually.
  12. definitely- totally accents dark colors that you see in the winter.