MJ -- some styles 50% off

  1. I went to a boutique near me called Shirise and they were selling their MJ bags for 50% off. I think you can buy them over the phone but I did not ask. I don't think they had the most popular styles but a great deal if you see one you like. I am not sure what they had in stock but here is a link to some of what they are showing on their website:


    MY SA is David so you may want to ask for him (if he is in).
  2. Chigirl, thanks for sharing. =)
    I just cheked out the link you provided, the styles shown: Quilted Blake, Multipocket, Jane, Polina, Julia, Sienna. Are those items on their website 50% off?

    I like the Multipocket in light color! =)
  3. sure. there was some other stuff too like bottega and limited balenciaga. i am not sure what other brands were on sale.
  4. dear god I need to step AWAY from this forum--gah! no more!
  5. sorry -- just trying to help. :devil: sales are just too tempting. i love em but hate em.
  6. I called Shirise. The styles on the site (and more) are 50% off, the SAs are not familiar with style names....

  7. did you get anything?
  8. Not yet. I'm still contemplating on Multipocket in light color, I'm not sure yet b/c I recently bought 2 Denim Multipocket from Boston MJ store (70% off). I like the color, but the style's not my favorite from MJ. I prefer Blake, I wish non-quilted Blake's available.

    Chigril, thanks so much for posting the sale. =)
  9. No problem. I am not sure what they had before the sale. They have so many bags there that I am often overwhelmed when I am there. If you don't love it, then best not to get it!
  10. i am not feeling the colors of the bags.. but thanks Chigirl for this wonderful information....
  11. I do know for a fact that one of the bags they have on sale is the Sienna hobo in black~I totally forgot to ask the price
  12. does anyone know if they had the quilted venetia on sale?
  13. salespeople do not know the names of the bags so call and be descriptive as possible and also try to have the model # if you can get it. They have stuff other than what is on their website and the salespeople are super helpful.
  14. They are great there. They may not know style names because I think (until the recent PF spree) most of their business was from walk-in customers. They just put up the website last month. They will definitely work with you!
  15. so.... is everything 50% off?