MJ Soft Calf Medium

  1. Here is the close up shot of the blue color:

    close up of blue.jpg
  2. Its a really greenish blue. I think it would go well with black and brown but it might be tough with other blues. You might look like a seascape!
  3. It depends on your workplace, if it's conservative I think a bag in a neutral colour may be a little better.
  4. I agree with Issmom.
  5. For a law firm, this bag might be an eye-opener huh? I might blind everyone there! :lol:

    Thanks girls!
  6. I love it!
  7. I like it, but I like the black better. I think the color would be hard to deal with.
  8. If you wear mostly black or brown, then that color would probably work well with either. Once you start bringing in blues, greens, pinks, reds, etc. it would be a bit much.
  9. I love that bag Irissy, I had it on my arm (a gift for my mom in taupe) it is a great bag for work. I love that blue for the spring summer and fall! If you love it go for it its a great price. By the way that blue isn't really bright its pretty nice in person.
  10. Oh that's good to know. I was getting worry about the actual color and I can't seem to find thar bag to look up close and personal. :amuse:

    Still debating...
  11. Oohh.. the black is back. Now more colors to choose from!
  12. Let us know what you end up doing...
  13. Black is something we can all use over and over! Hope you can make a decision for me it would be hard.
  14. did you get it??