MJ SOFI - Questions!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I am considering an MJ Sofi bag. Can anyone give me some idea as to the size? I am about 5'1" and I don't want anything too large. I already have a Christy and it is a great size for me. If anyone has any photos modeling a Sofi, I would love to see them!

    Many thanks!!!:smile:

  2. HI Stormy,
    I don't have the Sofi, but when I looked up the dimensions on Nordstrom, the Sofi is a bit bigger than the Christy...the Christy is 14"x11" and the Sofi is 16x12. Not a big difference but I love bigger bags. :smile: Great choices - I love both of them!
  3. Here are some modeling pics of the Sofi and Christy for you to compare. They're both cute bags!!



  4. Thank you!!!:smile::heart: