MJ-Snap Out Of It !

  1. Marc darling you know I'm very fond of your designs,but what in Gods name inspired this ? Sorry if any of you gals have this, but it's just plain stupid looking :sick:.
  2. I don't care for that either.
  3. Oooohhh Poooh poooh!
  4. Hahaha...uh???
  5. I think MJ is trying to get out of his outer pocket design and try to find the next "IT" thing... So he's been trying all sorts of things. I think it also doesn't help that he designs for LV also--the two lines are starting to get blurry at times...
  6. I don't like that one either- sometimes I wish designers would just stick to making beautiful handbags, rather than trying to make the next "It" bag like wickedassin said.
  7. WOW! That is one very ugly bag!
  8. I bet he's inspired by a vest lol, is it a bag??I THINK HE'S TRYING TOO HARD
  9. I thought it looked like a bucket from a well. :biggrin:
  10. There's a Givenchy bag that looks like that. A big huge thing. I saw it at Jeffries @ Phipps. You could carry a small child in there like a papoose.

    Here's a pic. It's WAY bigger than it looks in the photo.

  11. Don't really care for it :sad:
  12. I guess he has a sense of humor?

  13. Greenie I think you're right :lol:.
    I'm praying his fall collection will produce something worth spending my $$$$ on.

    While I feel he's created some much needed winners for LV,I think his own line is suffering from the crossovers.
  14. Looks like a pair of underwear that Goldmember ,from the Austin Powers movies, would wear! Ick!
  15. yikes! :blink: