MJ Small Gold Stam - $398 on NM website

  1. Ok, not sure if this is another "the-world-has-come-to-an-end" post...LOL....but I just came across the MJ small gold stam on NM's website -- selling for $398.

    Marc Jacobs*-* Quilted Clutch*-* Neiman Marcus


    I don't know if it's NM's online system going bizerk tonight or a pricing mistake, but I just ordered one (as I've had that item on my wish list for a long time and it was sold-out at full price). Don't know if it's really in-stock or not.....but let's see what they ship out.

    Anyone else lusting after this bag can give it a try as well :idea:
  2. Oh my gosh.. Ugh.. I so wish you wouldn't have posted this!! I'm drooling!
  3. Looks like they might have 2 more of those in stock, as of now -- upon placing my order, I tried to put more in my shopping cart....basically test out how many they have in the inventory (to see if it was likely a lone return, or maybe back-stock?). Anyway, right now it seems that I can add 2 of those in my shopping cart. So if anyone here wants it, get it! Use NMLAST for free shipping.
  4. Oh, and I should add that 2 minutes before I going through check-out, I saw the URSULA ELISE (black patent version) re-appear on NM...and on sale -- but it disappeared as I was checking-out. It most likely was a return though. I thought I was dreaming when I saw an Ursula Elise suddenly available & on-sale!
  5. it's gonneee
  6. WOW, i just tried to order one. Hopefully, I got it! Do you have any clue what the retail price is on this one? I wasn't planning to get a gold bag but the price was SO good. Is this an evening bag, ladies? Do you think this can be worn out in the daytime or is it too fancy? Thanks so much! By the way, how did you come across it? When I search NM's site, I didn't even see it pull up!
  7. Oh my, that was quick. I hope another tPFer was able to get the remaining one or two. And I guess I should also start counting my prayers & hope they don't cancel my order....or worse, ship a return in bad condition. Let's see what they ship out.....
  8. vagabag - the sale price is 50% off the original, so it's a pretty good deal.
  9. foxy- I did place an order aswell. I just talked to a live chat rep who said if the order was going to be cancled because of stock depletion, it would have been cancled already.....so im assuming its okay?

    I checked the problems some other members have had with placing orders today on BG and NM.com where orders seemed to be going through, but a few hours later they checked the status and it was changed to canceled.
    The chat SA said my order was successfuly placed, im going to keep checking until tommorrow AM though.
  10. You know, I'm finding that this forum really isn't good for my wallet! But I'm hooked!!! Thanks again for the post!!!
  11. What season is this baby stam from? bag.lover , help me out . I dont remember a gold one.
  12. What an amazing deal!!:nuts: Congrats foxycleopatra for your fast fingers! Especiallyl since the bag was on your wish list for a while. :yes:
  13. Great deal! Too bad I missed out!!!
  14. That is an amazing deal!! CONGRATS!
  15. Please post all sales in the MJ SALE thread!