MJ Small Cecelia Tote

  1. What's with the canvas strap...eew.

  2. he's trying to offer something that doesn't have the normal chain strap, i actually appreciate this look.
  3. Maybe it would look better if it wasn't black. At least it takes a lot of the weight off though.
  4. I think it looks like a cheap after thought. :sick:

  5. i think you're right......if it were actually matching it would look more put together.
  6. ^^ totally agreed melly.
  7. I actually like the idea of a non-chain strap for a more casual look if you want.
    I'd like it alot better though with some sort of matching leather strap.
  8. hmmm...the only thing i like about this bag is the color.
  9. I like the bag, but the strap is really cheap looking. I wish it was made of leather instead of canvas!