MJ Sling Hobo

  1. Is anyone familiar with this bag? Here's the link from Bloomingdales.com, where it is on sale for $539: Bloomingdales.com - Marc Jacobs Sling Hobo

    I was curious about the size of this bag. Also, any other details you have, such as the lining, would be great. Thanks!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen that bag before! I love the color. Good price too, hopefully it's a nice sized bag.
  3. Sling is a brand new style from Fall 2006, I'm surprised that it's on sale already. Whiskey styles are lined with tan suede.
  4. I bought this bag at bloomingdales.
    I am goign to return it next week , since I just bought a botiker instead.
    If anyone wants it let me know.
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